ClassDojo Stirs Up The Education System

A new San Francisco startup company called ClassDojo is causing quite a stir in the education industry. There is so much interest in this new company that they have already raised over 21 Million dollars in a Series B round of funding. This puts the total amount of raised venture capital for this new firm at over 30 Million dollars. Some of the investors involved in funding this startup include General Catalyst, GSV, SignalFire, and Reach Capital. Why all the interest? This is mainly because ClassDojo is not just another piece of software that creates curriculum, or grade books or is a new type of testing platform, ClassDojo is a completely new idea.

For one it’s an application that runs on any mobile operating system. This means the application can run on your Apple or Android based phone, an Ipad, tablet, Kindle Fire and on any computer. An important part of this application is its security. The application has a built-in Privacy center that provides the users and their parents with how we protect their privacy and still give you control. One of the things we declare very clearly is what we do with the information we do collect from you. We also show you how , if you want you can change or delete that information. We are also committed as a company to never sell or rent any of your information or data to anyone including advertisers. Because of the concern of not only teachers but also the parents, every Class Dojo product is produced with a “security first” mindset. In fact, the company never keeps student information that it doesn’t need. After a period of time, the information expires and is deleted from the system.

Why this application has gained so much acceptance in the schools and with parents is that it allows the parents a way to communicate with their child’s school throughout the year. They can even do this daily if they need to so that they can be aware of what is going on not only at the school but with their child.

ClassDojo has proven to be so popular with parents and schools that it is now being used in over 85.000 schools in the United States and also in schools in over 180 countries. These schools include private schools, charter schools and even the largest public schools in the country.

ClassDojo is the brainchild of Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. It came to be as the result of Sam and Liam identifying the biggest problems faced by teachers on a daily basis. After interviewing hundreds of educators the problem finally emerged and it was managing student behavior. That’s when the Sam and Liam went to work and developed ClassDojo. Using the application is straightforward. Teachers assign an avatar to each student. Based on that student’s behavior the teacher can set out either positive point rewards for good behavior or negative point deductions for negative behavior. Sam and Liam expect revenue generation to be coming within the year based on new services that will be offered to owners of the applications.


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