End Citizens United Pushes Conor Lamb Forward in His Special Election

Since Trump won the election in 2016, Democrats have been steadily taking back the ground they lost. More than 30 state legislative seats have been flipped to the Democratic party, in addition to a governor’s seat and a Senate seat. Democrats are hoping that their string of recent victories will continue, especially in the upcoming special election, where Democratic candidate Conor Lamb has been fighting to take a historically Republican district.

Republicans are on Edge After Conor Lamb Makes Gains

The Republican party has been on edge due to this upcoming special election. With Conor Lamb displaying an influential history and a propensity for union support and widely-praised centrist policies, the Republicans are wise to not take chances, and they’re throwing everything they have at Lamb.

Republican-aligned groups have already put themselves ahead of the curve, with groups such as Ending Spending Inc. purchasing ads on the airwaves for $1 million, and the 45Comittee spending an additional half-million dollars. Many of the ads target Lamb’s opposition to Trump’s recent tax cut bill. However, their overall argument against Lamb shows strong signs of desperation, as they fight to hold on to the seat.

Conor Lamb Fights an Uphill Battle

Lamb’s campaign has been an uphill battle, but support has been steadily rising, with PACs such as End Citizens United offering their endorsement, and the people pledging their support due to his platform of creating jobs via an immense infrastructure bill. He has pledged to protect Medicare as well as Social Security and has even made promises to help end the opioid crisis that has swept through the area in recent years.

End Citizens United Pledges Support for Conor Lamb

The first major boost to Lamb’s campaign came in the form of End Citizens United. With their official endorsement, Lamb had made significant headway in the area. Although their financial support was extremely limited, their public endorsement and grassroots campaigning put a firm foundation beneath Lamb’s feet.

End Citizens United was originally founded in 2015, with its expressed purpose being to fight against financial influence and corruption in elections. The organization is funded entirely by grassroots activists in support of their goals, rather than large financial institutions. While, until now, their support has been limited to Democratic candidates, they have stated quite clearly that they would be willing to support pro-reform candidates from the Republican party, as well as independent candidates, should they show support for their agenda.

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