End Citizens United vs. Rick Scott – Did Rick Scott Violate Campaign Finance Law?

End Citizens United was created a couple of years after a decision from the Supreme Court that changed the landscape of American politics. This decision made it possible, even probable, that corporations would purchase important elections in the future. Today, we are seeing the results of the 2010 decision: corporations are spending millions of dollars to get their preferred candidates elected.

End Citizens United, also known as ECU, is working to keep politicians that have been bought by corporations out of office. They work to accomplish this goal by selectively backing politicians that do not accept corporate money in exchange for promises and legislation.

This organization, led by Tiffany Muller, is currently opposing Rick Scott, who is being accused of misusing using campaign finances.

A complaint was filed by ECU concerning Rick Scott’s campaign finances with the Federal Election Commission. The complaint accused Scott of illegally using a super PAC during his campaign for Senate.

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The rules for PACs and their contribution towards a candidate is extremely clear. A candidate may not interact with the super PAC, and the PAC may contribute near endless amounts of money to a political candidate to be used for ad campaigns and events. As long as Rick Scott isn’t directly involved with the PAC he is not breaking the law, but End Citizens United claims Scott has been in contact with several people who are associated with New Republican.

The charges begin to make sense when coupled with the fact that Rick Scott used to work for the New Republican. In fact, he served as the chairman of the group before running for Senate. The details of the complaint with the FEC include accusations ranging from funneling money into the PAC himself and sidestepping finance laws for political campaigns.

Tiffany Muller is the current President of End Citizens United. She leads the organization in a different way than most PAC leaders. For example, End Citizens United can trace its roots to grassroots organizations, and the average contribution per person is only $14 dollars. Tiffany Muller is leading a company that is truly representing the common people of the United States.

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