End Citizens United’s Political Action Committee, Now a Reality

On March 2014, End Citizens United’s Political Action Committee was created. Grassroots donors were the people that funded this committee. They are devoted to counter the dangerous effects of an organization known as Citizens United. The committee’s members on opensecrets.org want to show it to everyone including elected officials, candidates, voters, and press that US elections cannot be bought by billionaires. Their aim is to make a coalition that would work for finance structure reforms and pressurize legislators for reforms. End Citizens United’s mission is to fight Big Money in American politics and eliminate the political structure that could be rigged. They want to end the role of money in American politics and finish Citizens United. End Citizens United is using grassroots members to demonstrate their power, and they want to elect candidates who are pro-reforms.

During the elections in 2016, End Citizens United supported those Democrat candidates who were interested in the realistic reforms of campaign’s finance systems and those who want to finish Citizens United. Koch Brothers and SuperPACs were involved in election rigging with dark money on Facebook as they tried to buy local representatives and senators. End Citizens United also fought against them. It was August 2015 when End Citizens United was launched. The group raised over two million dollars from small donors within the first year. The target although was thirty million dollars.

The court made a decision to allow Citizens United to work, but End Citizens United wants to pass a constitutional amendment to reverse the decision on actblue.com. Citizens United was responsible for strong political actions committees and use of dark money in politics. Just within a year, a huge number of people signed the petition of End Citizens United that is demanding desired legislation from the US Congress. It is expected that End Citizens United’s members would increase due to its alliance with another movement named Ready for Hillary which already has millions of members.

According to End Citizens United, more than ten Democrat candidates joined them by August 2015. They include famous names like Russ Feingold (former senator of Wisconsin) and Michael Bennet (Senator of Colorado). Carbo, a member of End Citizens United, said that the group is different for reasons like electing those people who would work to change these laws. In other words, supporting those candidates that would work for finance reform and stand up against rival group Citizens United. He also said that End Citizens United would support those candidates too that are attacked by big money groups and Koch brothers. In 2016, the End Citizens United set up an independent section for expenditure that supported candidates with television advertisements, polling, and direct mailers. In short, the goal of End Citizens United is to pass an amendment to the constitution which would reverse the Citizens United decision made by the court.