Glen Wakeman’s Persistent Struggles towards a Successful Career

Glen Wakeman is a renowned financial advisor and a flexible business man. He is the architect and Chief Executive Officer of Nova Four. At the firm, he is in charge of acceleration of business activities in many industries specializing in capital development. Besides, he runs his private businesses and also invests with various lucrative companies.


Glen Wakeman strategizes his career by conducting effective leadership, proper execution of plans, constructive governance, quality management of human capital, and also manages risks to avoid breakdowns within his management system. He has been working as a manager for companies such as P&L roles and GE Capital for 21 years. With the rich experience, he performs perfectly at all his undertakings.


Interestingly, he also conducts seminars for young entrepreneurs to help them familiarize with business standards such as planning, digital marketing and much more. With this, they can come up with ventures and provide markets for their products and services. Additionally, he has represented the firms he has worked for in many countries making him earn recognition as a role model worth emulating in Growth Leadership.


For his education, Glen Wakeman went to the University of Chicago for the pursuit of his Postgraduate Studies in Business Administration. Before then, he attended the University of Scranton for his Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Statistics and Economics. His stay at the institution was the spark behind his brilliant ideas that he is implementing in his career at the moment. His first startup was the LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. He generates his capital from his mentorship programs, writing of articles and papers about emerging trends in the market, international financial dealings and much more.


Surprisingly, Glen Wakeman has been patient throughout his journey to success. He overcame the challenges that held him back and never gave up. He believes that success is a gradual process and every step and entrepreneur makes is a milestone. Thus, he argues upcoming entrepreneurs to forge ahead and put all their effort when running their businesses. For him to be as successful, he manipulated his curiosity to fuel his focus. With this, he grew to become innovative and persistent through all the adversities. Indeed, hard work pays.