Graduate and Become-successful!

Success is usually measured by the achievements we have made in life. However, being more successful is seen on how you have impacted the lives of people around you. This can be in various ways, so long as you give back to the society in a way that shows you are grateful for the support they have given you.

The Uncommon Schools Charter was able to benefit from acts of gratitude the other day thanks to the 2016 Keith and Keely Mann scholarship for professional achievement. The outstanding award from the New York based entrepreneur is aimed at ensuring innovative business minds are not left in graveyards. The beneficiaries will be required to write 1000 essay that explains in detail on how their college degrees will be helpful to them in ensuring that they achieve the career goals.
Thanking Keith and Keely Mann for the scholarship, Joe Rick who is a counselor at uncommon charter high schools in new York said that they are assure that one of their own has a bright future upon winning a four year fully sponsored education at the college level. This is indeed a wonderful partnership if not heaven sent he further added.

Keith Mann further explained that the scholarship is in line with the aim of the uncommon schools charter which is to ensure that students from low income families are able to attend college and graduate successfully to pursue what they have labored for in four years of college.

Keith Mann is a well-known philanthropist and an experienced executive particularly within the search industry. Keith has a vast experience in the following fields; hiring strategy, staffing and hedge funds compensation. In 2002, he launched an alternative investment within his company that was purely on hedge funds. This was after finding out that the field was untouched in the industry.

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