Graham Edwards Faces New Challenges As The Chairman Of Telereal Trillium

Since 2009, when Telereal Trillium was first founded, Graham Edwards has served as the property management company’s chief executive officer. Now, Mr. Edwards will step up into a new position as the company’s chairman, accepting a host of new responsibilities and challenges. Graham was also the chief executive officer of the parent company, Telereal, since that investment firm opened in 2001.

Stepping up into the chairman position leaves the position of CEO vacant. Russell Gurnhill, who formerly served as Telereal Trillium’s joint managing director, will take on that role in the company. This leaves Adam Dakin, who also served as a joint managing director, to take on the full responsibilities of overseeing new business and services. He has been appointed managing director, a new position intended to represent the greater role he will be playing.

The remainder of Telereal Trillium’s infrastructure remains unchanged. Graeme Hunter will still function as group property director, while Michael Hackenbroch still serves as finance director. Hackenbroch oversees all financial aspects of the business.

Following the announcement, Graham Edwards revealed that the changes had been planned for awhile. He said the company’s new leadership will help them adapt to the evolving demands of their clients and the industry in general.

Graham Edwards has become known as a savvy investor, as well as a generous philanthropist. His investments tend to focus on the mining, software development, and real estate industries. His philanthropic efforts, coupled with his interest in his community, have led Mr. Edwards to serve on a number of boards with various organizations, including One Voice Europe, Portland Trust, and the British Friends of the Hebrew University board.

Professionally, Graham has led Telereal Trillium to become the leader in property investments and outsourcing. It was Graham’s involvement in the negotiations that allowed for the acquisition of Telereal, bringing the company’s total annual revenues up over £1 billion.

Prior to joining Telereal, Graham worked at Merrill Lynch Investment Management, where he outperformed as a fund manager.

Mr. Edwards studied economics at Cambridge University. Later, Graham attended King’s College London, where he graduated with a Master of Arts in international relations and national security studies. He graduated with distinction.