Great Rewards with Organo Gold

The rewards system as a preferred customer with Organo Gold will sure make their registered members happy knowing they will be first to receive promotional rewards and information about the products. Having hotline access to customer service and a support system is also a benefit that comes with this and helps you in case you run into any issues or problems.

Organo Gold is a company that makes organic coffee from ganoderma which is a mushroom used in many Asian countries like Japan and China for its proposed medicinal purposes. Mr. Bernardo Chua, CEO of Organo Gold, saw the potential in this and now it is distributed worldwide. Mr. Chua has spent a lot of time educating people about the many great benefits that ganoderma can provide. Starting with coffees and teas, he decided to give people a variety to choose from, so now Organo Gold offers hot chocolate along with green tea and other beverages. Ganoderma has also been added to some health care products and supplements.

Organo Gold is a company that focuses on the consumer and with this rewards system you are able to get more out of the company and continue to enjoy their products. You must be a registered member, but it doesn’t take long to register. Just go to the Organo website and sign up and then become a preferred customer so you can reap the many rewards of Organo Gold and its products along with receiving discounts and access to great customer service like never before.  Be sure to follow Bernardo on Twitter for more information.