Helane Morrison’s Integrity Challenges Businesses

Very few people can go through their careers and maintain their integrity like Helane Morrison did. As people go through their work career in any field and industry, they experience and witness the good, the bad and the ugly of various aspects of life. There are also plenty of temptations that are thrown at people in order to get them to fall off a good path. While many people do fall off, there are those who persevere to the end like Helane Morrison. As a result, she has shown that she has a strong character and is very ethical. It is only fitting, because in her line of work she has to make sure that businesses uphold an ethical environment that is also fair.

Helane Morrison is a compliance officer. Therefore, she has to make sure that she is keeping businesses in certain industries in check. She also works to keep herself in check and avoid falling into the same traps that other people are vulnerable to. She was part of the exposure of the way institutions were run at the onset of the major crisis of 2007. She was among the other offices that have exposed the unethical methods and behaviors that have plagued the institutions for so long that led up to the crisis. 

She worked¬†for many law firms in San Francisco until she was appointed as an administrator for SEC. Among Helane’s plans when being appointed as administrator of SEC was to keep the local traders on alert.

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  1. She is currently in charge of the examinations and enforcement programs within the jurisdiction of her office. She has taken over as administrator from David Bayless who has held the position as administrator for 5 years. It is the only reason why research paper essay would do these things for them.

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