How Brown Agency Steps Away from the Norm

The Brown Agency, located in Austin, shows that what used to be the norm in the modeling world doesn’t have to be the way things are done now. Justin Brown certainly chose the right place to make the kind of impact that he’s looking for.

Staying true to the Austin trends, Justin Brown has some fresh faces joining his agency and they don’t look like your regular talent. The Brown Agency is proving that unique faces and different looks are perfectly adequate for doing what they do. From piercings to tattoos, new looks are showing up on the runway and the Brown Agency is in the right place with its talent to meet new standards in the industry.

While the Brown Agency has plenty going locally, Justin Brown is shooting for the stars with his talent and hoping to help them get top jobs around the nation. Many models and actors have been able to be a part of big-brand experiences with Louis Vuitton, Toyota, L’OrĂ©al, and much more.

Justin Brown once worked as a model himself, but soon began to realize that he preferred being the man behind the talent, not the talent himself. Justin Brown has a degree in business management, so he decided to put it to good use in an industry that he enjoyed being in.

He originally started working with talent in California with different firms, but eventually moved to Texas, finally settling in Austin. While Austin has some agencies, Justin Brown felt that he could make an impact with Brown Agency’s way of doing things and his connections with agencies across the nation.

The Brown Agency has talent that works in modeling, commercials, film, and television. He’s proud to encourage and train the Austin models to dream big and to achieve success all over the country and fortunately for him and the talent, it’s working.

Whatever it is that Justin Brown is doing in Austin with his agency, it’s definitely working its magic. The Brown Agency is getting recognized in Austin as a great place for training and development and with good reason. For more info, visit