How Ted Bauman Gives Investors Unique Financial Insights

The world of investing can be a complex landscape that almost seems foreign to the average investors. However, there is one financial expert who has been able to demystify the world of stocks, bonds, and options to almost everyone. That financial expert, Ted Bauman, has helped tens of thousands of people become better investors through his easy to follow newsletters.

So who exactly is Ted Bauman? Well, Mr. Bauman is the editor of The Bauman Letter as well as Alpha Stock Alert and Plan B Club. Together these three newsletters offer a wealth of investing information in easy-to-digest articles. Published by Banyan Hill Publishing, Mr. Bauman’s newsletters offer advice on everything from stock investing to retirement planning and wealth preservation. Visit Ted Bauman at to know more.

In a recent article, Mr. Bauman talked about his typical investing day which usually involves working out of his home office. This type of dedication to his job allows the financial expert to get right to work in the morning. Working throughout the day, Mr. Bauman reads over the day’s financial news and does investigative research on promising investment opportunities. Then he carefully writes out his thoughts in an easily digestible manner. The result is a thoughtfully written out and well research newsletter than gives Mr. Bauman’s readers an edge in the investing market.

Also, by working from home, Mr. Bauman is free from the usual distractions common in an office environment. This allows Mr. Bauman a clarity that seems to be missing from most other financial newsletters. For instance, Mr. Bauman wrote an interesting article on how investors could increase their returns by an astounding 1,900% by simply focusing on emerging markets. In the article, Mr. Bauman mentioned the outsized returns offered by investing in the iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF (NYSE: EEM).

Ted Bauman’s career spans over a quarter of a century. In that time, Mr. Bauman has traveled to over 75 countries. His work includes duties as the Director of International Housing Programs for Habitat for Humanity International as well as consultant and financial researcher. Follow Bauman on Twitter.

The financial markets are unpredictable. However, the wisdom and guidance of a financial expert who has seen it all makes it much easier for investors to find that golden opportunity. As he continues to write his multiple newsletters for Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman will seek to help as many investors as possible master the financial markets.