If You News Watch Read This Review: NewsWatch TV

NewsWatch TV started on television as a show that was only aired once a month back in the early 1990s. NewsWatch TV is usually shown on Monday morning news around 7 am for AMC and ION channels. It is based out of Washington DC but, also has setups in Fairfax Virginia and Denver Colorado. NewsWatch TV is run by Bridge Communications.

You may be wondering what kind of things NewsWatch TV shows during their news show. Well, NewsWatch TV broadcasts news about technology, entertainment, celebrity interviews, and mobile application reviews. They also show health and government news, as well as, public service announcements.

NewsWatch TV also has on-site services so that they can perform on-location interviews and press releases. They are still growing and becoming more well known as the years go on. They have helped a lot of companies to get the word out about their products and helped them to reach their goals.

One of the companies that they have helped is Avanca Indiegogo. This company says that NewsWatch has an awesome team to work with. They also say that the support you get from them is like support you don’t see from many news companies. The first project that they worked with NewsWatch on was to launch their campaign for crowndfunding. They needed to raise $10,000 in just 30 days, so they teamed up with NewsWatch and used their media to promote what they had going on. In just 30 days they had blown past their goal of $10,000 by over 29 times that! They had raised $456,551! They are currently working on a new project and plan to again use NewsWatch TV to help them reach any goals they may need to meet.