Jacob Gottlieb- Founder of Altium Capital-  is leading exciting change in healthcare ventures

Healthcare as it stands is in need of urgent change. The future of medicine hinges on major demographic shifts related to care facility capacity, complexity of legislative level regulation on public sector programs- mainly Medicaid and Medicare (Parts A & B), and expansion of available options in the health insurance marketplace. Although advances are occuring, they will unfold slowly and steadily.

Jacob Gottlieb, MD, CFA, PRMIA, is taking much needed action to transform how we view healthcare investment. The medical doctor turned successful entrepreneur is advancing innovation in medical management through

Altium Capital, a healthcare investment fund vehicle founded to advance medical treatment enterprises, and initiatives leading the way in medical reform. The New York City based firm wants healthcare growth companies to expand within their respective spaces. Altium Capital has successfully invested in diabetic alternative treatment company, Oramed Pharmaceuticals. The financially and pharmaceutically experienced firm has exceeded its goal of developing and testing oral based insulin capsules. As opposed to current painful methods involving proper injection at certain bodily points, these new ingestible products will make it easier for diabetic patients to take control of their overall health.

Amarin, the cardiovascular health drug developer, is yet another successful Altium venture. The fast growing Dublin company soecializes in lipid science, and the beneficial effects of certain fatty acids on the heart. Approved in 2012, the FDA approved prescription grade drug, Vascepa (AMR-101) proves both Amarin and Altium Capital’s progressive partnership.

Renowned biotherapeutic company, Oragenics, focuses on generation of beneficial antibiotics to combat harmful bacterial strains in the oral cavity, throat and esophagal areas. A leader in tackling infectious diseases, Oragenics was founfed by just two physicians with a concentration on practicing Replacement Therapy.

In addition to nurturing healthcare growth firms, Dr. Jacob Gottlieb is collaborating with Stuart Weisbrod, a previous colleague and healthcare initiative venture capitalists.