Jeff Aronin’s passion for pharmaceuticals got ignited while following a medical practitioner treating a young epileptic patient. The only option the doctor had was to remove part of the patient’s brain, but he applied a different method of treatment that controlled his seizures. The doctor was able to evade the life-changing surgery and at the same time lining Jeff Aronin’s biopharmaceutical entrepreneurship career.


Jeff Aronin has an M.B.A from DePaul University and a Bachelor of Surgery degree from Northern Illinois University. He is also an entrepreneurship lecturer in University of Chicago Booth of Business and Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management the place he did his postgraduate in 2010. There he got named an Aspen Institute Henry Crown Fellow.


After his studies, Jeff worked in health care, so he made his move to become a founder and CEO of Ovation Pharmaceuticals LLC in 2000. Jeff Aronin felt the need to do more for the patients whose medical needs aren’t met and or the ones with rare or neglected illnesses. The Ovation Pharmaceutical Company was established to focus on the patients and at the same time the development of drugs. He was able to differentiate his company from other biotech and pharmaceutical companies by focusing on the smaller diseases while the rest placed their interest in finding the next blockbuster.


Jeff Aronin has an in-depth understanding of sophisticated research methods, rare illnesses and the development of new medicines and bags an experience of 20 years. He is a leader full of compassion with a desire to serve others. Jeff Aronin’s, unmatched leadership skills, enable him to assemble groups of caring researchers in finding the cures for terminal illness rare medical conditions. He is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge with younger entrepreneurs with a desire to make a positive change.


Lundbeck, a Danish healthcare pharmaceutical company in 2009, offered to buy the Ovation Company. It was finally purchased at $900, a company that was raised from scratch by Jeff Aronin. After the final closure of the purchase, Jeff Aronin was still given the position he had as the CEO which assisted in the transactions and flow of the business.