Kim Dao Explores and Loves Australia

Beauty and Lifestyle Youtuber Kim Dao has been all over the world. She lives in Japan but she has traveled far and wide. Recently, she’s been in Australia and she’s made a video to show exactly why she wants to live there.


One reason Kim Dao loves Australia is because they have dog cafes! In the video, her and her pooch head over to the cafe. It’s great for her dog because she can play with other dogs. It’s great for her, because she can get a latte and relax while her dog runs around and nibbles on treats. It’s a great way to get work done without sacrificing time with her dog. Another reason she’d love to live in Australia is the fact that there are dog parks. Yugi gets the opportunity to play with even more friends. The grass is green and lush. Australia is very dog friendly.


Kim Dao also prefers the Australian lifestyle because it’s really chill and easygoing especially in comparison to other cultures. She also notes that the driving is easier in Australia because of wider roads and less clutter. Driving is very difficult in Tokyo because of how much traffic there is and how difficult navigation is. It’s much more simpler in Australia. Finally, the beauty blogger would love to live in Australia because it’s where her boyfriend is. The next step in her journey is hopefully moving in with him so soon she will be able to experience everything that an Australia lifestyle has to offer.

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