Lee May Enjoys Being That Motivated Man

Lee May is a highly motivated property developer specializing in the development of residential property in the United Kingdom. Lee May has several years of experience in the construction industry and is a devoted businessman providing satisfaction and completion of his client’s property projects. Lee May is presently involved with several construction companies holding impressive employment positions such as Head of Business Development and Senior Partner. Lee May also holds the position as Senior Partner with a well-known successful construction company based in the United Kingdom named Beamridge.




Beamridge is a design and builds contractor based in the United Kingdom. Beamridge was established in 2013 and was known as FS Contracting. Beamridge was developed by individuals with exceptional experience in the construction industry for well over a century. Beamridge is a well-known solid company that has extended their design and builds services not only for residential properties but for commercial properties as well. Beamridge has two locations. Their head office is located in Chislehurst, Kent in the southeast London area, and their London office is located in Mayfair, London.


Lee May Involved for more than one a Cause


Beamridge is the proud sponsor of a youth Amateur Boxing Club named Nemesis. Lee May is a big boxing fan and as senior Partner of Beamridge he is in charge of charitable events on behalf of Beamridge Ltd event sponsorship. Lee is not only in charge of Beamridge sponsored events he was a participant in a 10k run to support the cause for the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club. Lee May’s goal as a sponsor and participant is to raise £20,000 towards a minibus for the Youth Boxing Club. Donations for this cause are presently still being accepted through Lee May Crowd Funding.


Lee May Beamridge Senior Partner Cares


The Sponsorship support to the youth and various matters provided by Beamridge and Lee May and other staff members of Beamridge is heartwarming, from the charitable events for children with cancer to road safety charitable events and the support goes on. The staff at Beamridge is very pleased to have Lee May on their team not only as a productive Senior Partner but as persons who care and support the community.