Logan Stout, IDLife’s CEO

Logan Stout is a successful entrepreneur. He is the owner of IDLife which is a health and wellness company. Stout has done a great job creating a unique company that specializes in personalized health supplements for customers. As of today, IDLife is a very successful company under stout’s leadership.

Stout has a family that includes sons and his wife. Stout is truly a family man, he enjoys spending quality time with his family, especially his sons. Stout is believes in God. He has dedicated his life to being a true believer and of great character.

Growing up Stout was an athlete, he has taken it upon himself to grow older and pay it forward. Stout is the founder of the baseball team, the Dallas Patriots. Stout also mentors members on the team to ensure that they are growing to be great young men.

In a recent interview, Stout reviled that he became a businessman because of his love for motivating others. After so long of encouraging other people to reach their goals, Stout developed an idea to start a line for supplements. The idea of IDLife seriously came to mind after Logan met with a man who had a vitamin program already. Since Stout was an athlete earlier in his career, he understands the importance of health an nutrition. After thinking this through, Stout finally decided to create his company, IDLife.

When business first began there were some hardships for Stout but he did not give up. Stout advises others not to measure their amount of wealth with success. Instead he encourages others to actually love what you invest your time and money in, work hard, and the wealth and success will eventually come.

Stout’s business is very successful because he doesn’t try to force his customers to purchase unnecessary products. Instead, he actually finds out what their needs are by giving them an assessment. After finding out their needs, he gives the customers a recommendation from IDLife’s product line. This makes customers feel very comfortable because the company truly understands their needs as a customer.

Stout believes that one of the main things that makes him successful is his mindset. He is aware that the world is constantly changing. With that it is very important to constantly continue to learn more and more each and everyday. Stout also believes in being as positive as possible. Having a positive mindset will give you a positive life!

Logan Stout’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/IDLifeLoganStout/