Lori Senecal the great Marketing and Advertisement CEO

Lori Senecal studied at Mc Gill University where she was awarded a bachelor’s degree in marketing and finance. She is one of the America’s great business people. She has also been known for her great skills in marketing and advertisement. According to Ad Week, Lori is the general chief executive officer of an advertising organization known as Crispin Porter + Bogusky. Before that, she was working in MDC. She did an excellent job in the MDC partner network. She aided them to focus on their strategies and visions. She also provided a good networking platform with other partners. Lori Senecal has also worked for the KBS as the international chair as well as the CEO. In KBS, she strived to make it expand. The company grew from a 250 domestic membership to having 900 members internationally. She worked in this firm up to August 2014.

At Crispin Porter +Bougsky, she was given the job of supervising the agency’s international growth as well as its expansion rate. She started working in this firm in the year 2015. The Company has nine worldwide offices which she oversees. The CP+B agency has become more innovative as well as responsive. She initiated the usage of technology in the advertising agencies as well as inventing various products at the global level. This has made it be recognized as the best advertising firm of the year. It was awarded the Infiniti Global Creative Account Award. Her great interaction skills have also made the company to be more collaborative.

Thedrum.com says Lori significantly focuses on talent which has made a great impact in the CP+B agency. She makes use of her artistic skills to manage different abilities at ad week.com. Through this, she has been able to get over 900 skilled staff across the globe. This has made the company grow in the different disciplines and departments in the firm. In 2013, she was also awarded a leap award for leadership and innovation by the AWNY Game Changer awards. In 2014, she was given the title ‘women to watch” in the advertising industry. Her goal is getting the character and exceptional interpersonal skills which have significantly made her get where she is today.

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