Madison Street Capital and Reorganization Services

Madison Street Capital is an ever growing international investment banking firm that is traversing the world through its offices in various continents. They provide investment opportunities in America and globally, with customer satisfaction as the top priority in all their activities.

Their financial opinions are not limited to major corporations only. We are also concentrating our focus on the establishment of partnerships with middle market companies and engagement in result oriented transactions whose success is our pride. Madison Street Capital highly values and invests in the emerging markets as the core factor towards business development.

Madison Street Capital’s key services include financial opinions, corporate advisory, valuation of companies for financial reporting purposes to both public and privately owned firms within America and internationally in Asia and Africa. Through advisory on mergers and acquisition, financial sponsor coverage, services on portfolio valuation and business restructuring services, we focus on asset management. Madison commits to the values of excellence, leadership, and integrity in all our activities.

The effects of The Great Recession are adverse and still evident in business enterprises. Internal and external economic constraints that emanate from financial and operational implications can cause severe instability in a firm through liquidity incapacity. Madison Street Capital experts come in handy to structure the best strategies to salvage a business from such turbulence.

Madison revels in identifying the best approaches to stabilize and reorganize a business whose performance is fluctuating and blurred, exhaustively handling the concerns and interests of the firm’s lenders and creditors. Where bankruptcy filing is an option, their highly qualified professionals are experienced in exploring all the possible and viable pre-bankruptcy strategies and advice. Madison Street Capital’s team of experts always have a solution for the management of crisis and complicated situations.

They also regenerate business liquidity, restore the trust and working relationships with the key partners, and stabilize the operations of business enterprises. Additionally, Madison Street Capital offers free advice on how to maintain a business’ stability in the future to avoid a repeat of the risk of bankruptcy and liquidation. Madison has spearheaded timely achievement of goals to many clients in multiple industries since establishment.

It would be an injustice to speak of Madison Street Capital without paying tribute to Anthony Marsala, a founding partner, and the Chief Executive Officer. He represents an emerging group of young, vibrant and game-changing professionals in the sector. Anthony has made a name for himself due to his expertise and accomplishments over the last decade. This year, he received recognition from M&A Ad visor’s Annual Emerging Leaders Award forum. He took home the 7th edition of the award after beating an industries group of nominated executives as reported by the Chicago Tribune.

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