Malcolm CasSelle Launches WAX Platform Amidst Crypto Trends

Malcolm CasSelle is a driven innovator with over twenty years of experience in the digital field. His work has taken him across the globe, hopscotching between various internet companies. He has worked in the fields of media production, payment solutions, social media, and gaming. At present he is the acting CIO for global in-game asset seller OPSkins. As an early stage investor in Zynga, Facebook, and bitcoin he has been on the forefront of technological advancement before. Now he plans on taking technological advancement to its next step.

CasSelle and OPSkins have announced the launch of new P2P platform Worldwide Asset eXchange. WAX is a trading platform operating in the decentralized zone, but it is player to player allowing cross game trades through the use of tokenization. Tokenization is the process of exchanging physical assets into digital currency. It allow different trade mediums to become one universal virtual money. This frees decentralized markets from the pit of fragmentation allowing transactions to occur at a faster more reliable rate. It also affords gamers an actual return of investment on digital assets acquired in-game.

According to CasSelle WAX could be the very thing that pushes cryptocurrency into the mainstream. Finally forcing big business to invest fully in virtualization of currency. As a trade medium the cryptocurrency market is going strong, and international transactions across decentralized zones are becoming more feasible. CasSelle, who is well acquainted with recent trends has seized the opportunity blockchain technology has created to safely produce WAX. CasSelles investment in bitcoin led OPSkins to become the largest bitcoin merchant on the planet, not with WAX he is taking OPSkins to new heights. CasSelle’s belief that WAX could start the domino chain is well founded, and his intent is sincere, He is opening up new opportunities for gamers and investors alike. WAX will only be eligible to games within its network, but its blockchain technology and WAX tokens are at the forefront of recent crypto technology.

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