Matthew Autterson’s Leadership Roles

Matthew Autterson is a well known name within the business and financial industries where he has spent almost three decades studying business growth and market trends around the world. He has had a hand in several major companies as well as a diversified portfolio. Autterson began taking an interest in both fields when he was a young man. He went to college and studied finance at Michigan State University. In 1980 he graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Finance. After that he continued his education at the University of Denver where he enrolled into the Graduate Tax Program.

After completing his education, Matthew Autterson started his career at a subsidiary of Fiserv called the First Trust Corporation. He remained at the company for two years and in 1982 he was hired by Integrated Resources, Inc. The company offered financial services and was located in New York. While there Autterson worked with a handful of people to form a brand new subsidiary trust company based out of Colorado State. The creation of the subsidiary was a success.

Matthew Autterson became the Resources Trust Company’s President in 1986. As President he saw substantial growth of the company in value, number of clients and number of employees. Resources Trust Company became one largest FDIC-insured, state chartered trust companies in the United States. It had over $21 billion in assets during its prime.The company provided its clients both custodial and depository services to over 200,000 clients with the help of 15,000 financial advisers. Three years later in 1989 Broad Inc acquired Resources Trust Company and all of its assets. In a short period of time Broad Inc changed its name to SunAmerica and was then acquired by AIG.

Apart from Resources Trust Company, Matthew Autterson is the President, Board Member and Chief Executive Officer for CNS Bioscience, Inc, as company focused on neuropathic pain and drug development, which was founded by Scott Falci, M.D in 2013. Autterson is also part of the Board of Directors the presides over Falci Adaptive Biosystems. Falci Adaptive Biosystems focuses on the natural sciences and is a leading example of Colorado’s business community. Autterson is also a Board member for the Denver Zoological Foundation and the Denver Zoo, Denver Hospice and the Webb-Waring Foundation. Though not a member any more, he was also part of the World Presidents Organization and Young Presidents Organization. Autterson’s interest in leadership roles are just reflections of his philanthropic interests.