Michael Hagele – Successful Entrepreneur & Investor

Michael Hagele is an attorney who provides legal counsel for technology-based companies that specialize in research and development, design, aerospace, internet, and biotechnology. His primary objective is to help draft legal documents and aid in company mergers and acquisition transactions which he has successfully accomplished for many years. His legal expertise within the technology industry is highly sought after by many companies which provide him the opportunity to showcase his excellent professional skills.
Daily Routine

Michale first got the idea to start his own legal operation when he witnessed the effectiveness of other entrepreneurs and their ability to provide cost-effective legal counsel to companies in the technology sector. His typical day starts off with drafting licensing agreements and interacting directly with clients. The early afternoons usually involve some sort of physical activity, usually mountain bike riding, which keeps him mentally sharp and fresh throughout the day.

His best creative ideas often come to him when he exercises and he believes it to be one of the key components to the continued success of his business. After his afternoon exercise, Michael continues with his work day and deals with any other client issues that have come up during the day. Michael believes one of the most important things that any entrepreneur must learn is to always put their customer’s needs first. When you do that then your business will flourish and everything else will fall into place.
Foundations of Success

Michael was not always successful in life, he still recalls the moment when he realized he had to take full control of his life and education while working at a car wash during a harsh winter in Chicago. His hands were frozen and numb and that experience motivated him to do everything in his power to make his life successful.

He would first attend the University of Iowa, where he graduated with a bachelor of arts degree and then later attended college at the University of California where he achieved a Juris Doctor degree. His education and perseverance have served him well and he now enjoys a lucrative career as an entrepreneur. He looks forward to 2018 and the new success that it will surely bring him.