Monitoring Solutions Being Provided By Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is the first name that comes to the mind of the jail authorities when I ask them about a company providing monitoring solutions to them. They also cite their reasons behind this. One of them is that safety is in the DNA of Securus Technologies. They are focused on providing comprehensive safety solutions to the Facilities.


Securus Technologies provides GPS as well as RF-based monitoring systems. This makes the Facilities safe. It has helped to reduce the crime rate inside the prisons too. Hence the authorities are very happy about it.


The fact remains that prison officials are very busy. They have to keep the prisons safe by avoiding any crimes from happening. Next, they have to resolve any unsolved cases too. Also, they have to track if any criminal activity is going to happen or already happening inside the Facility. Hence they need all the help that they can to manage their work.


Securus Technologies understands this well. Hence they are providing various support programs for them. Besides, they are also providing reporting services that would aid them in their supervision. This can also involve the tracking of location and movement of the adults as well as juveniles in the community. In this way, even the public spaces are being kept safe.


I am aware of several instances in which these monitoring solutions being provided by Securus Technologies are being used to track the movement of any contraband, liquor, arms or even money inside the facility. Many times corrupt officials have been caught this way. This has helped to catch such officials red-handed. Besides, all the contraband, currency and everything else is caught before it gets circulated inside the Facility making the environment unsafe for all. In this way, Securus Technologies has enhanced security inside prisons.