Omar Boraie Gets His Dream

Omar Boraie is the man known as the tender-hearted father of the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey. This tenderly love has propelled him to use his fortune and his time to help revive the entire city so that it can become a stronghold in the northeast portion of the United States of America.

Omar Boraie knows in his heart that the city of New Brunswick can one day rival the great cities of Europe. All it takes is a strategic plan that can be enacted by him and others. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Omar Boraie took a year to develop the four pillars needed to have a strong city. The first pillar was a strong community of families. The second pillar was a strong job market. The third pillar was a coalition of visionaries who made it their united mission to prioritize the city of New Brunswick. The fourth pillar was a vibrant middle class.

Omar Boraie set out to strengthen the family community of New Brunswick. While he did this in many ways, the best way he did this was by working with nonprofits, outreaches, and churches. He made them the following offer. He would give them the necessary money if they would create events that brought families closer together. One of the main attractions was a series of movie nights given to the public for free. Over 7500 families got to know one another.

Omar Boraie then stabilized the area’s job market. He did this by reaching out to Johnson and Johnson. They were the largest employer in the city of New Brunswick, and he needed them to stay. They worked out a tax plan that allowed Johnson & Johnson to remain in the city, make a substantial profit, and hirer additional workers. Check out to see more.


Omar Boraie then began working with a think tank. This coalition united the visions of their organizations in order to help New Brunswick thrive. It was comprised of the city mayor, the city council, and the presidents of both New Brunswick Universities.

Omar Boraie then began bringing back the middle class. The strategy for this was simple. He would offer higher class real estate for prices that an upstart professional could afford. He would also do this for a lower cost than any of the surrounding cities. This strategy was able to bring new young families to the area. This four-step plan led to a strong New Brunswick.