Paul Mampilly: Senior editor of the Profits Unlimited

Profits Unlimited is one of the best publications that address financial matters. Paul Mampilly authors the newsletter. He is one of the best financial advisers today. Profits Unlimited is registered under the Banyan Hill Publishing which is a leading publishing firm globally. Banyan Hill publishing is located in Florida and was formerly known as the Sovereign Society. Profit Unlimited was started in 2016 and has so far attracted over 100,000 subscribers. The newsletter has picked up so fast, a proof that the publication is doing very well. The mainstream American investors have accepted it as the number one investment publication. The well-researched investment recommendations that Paul Mampilly makes have attracted a huge number of people.

According to Paul Mampilly, the newsletter addresses the Main Street American who is looking to make decisions based on concrete analysis of the stock markets and not the traditional periodicals which offer just general information that has no basis in law. People are now interested in practical investment opportunities, and that is what Paul Mampilly has provided to them. Followers of Paul Mampilly are people who are looking to make profitable investments they can live on in their retirement age of just to improve their standard of living at whatever age they are. Learn more at for more info.

Paul Mampilly spotted an opportunity for the investors who have for a long time been disadvantaged by lack of enough knowledge on investment. They have been unable to make any profits in the investment industry, and Paul is now giving them an opportunity to make something from the markets. While other publications are facing a decline in their subscriptions, Profits newsletter is just getting better and better due to the guidance of Paul Mampilly. He is the senior editor of the newsletter and always makes sure that the subscribers are getting quality information to help them invest wisely.

Paul Mampilly normally wins when others are losing. The fact that Profits Unlimited is gaining when others are losing is not mere luck; he had won again when others were losing in the financial industry. He has managed to make record investment when there was a global financial crisis. When the rest of the world was facing a bleak future, Paul Mampilly was making record achievements. He won the Templeton Awards when there was a global economic recession. He made 76% return on an investment of $50 million. Paul Mampilly is happy that he has given people a chance to make profitable investments. Check: