Philanthropic Perry Mandera

By the age of 23, Perry Mandera had jungled his way in various transportation businesses. In 1980, he would start his own company that he ended up selling five years later. During this time, Perry Mandera was interested in joining politics where he served for the Republican Party for four years. He was the youngest ever to hold the position. His company that deals in both domestic and international freight were born in 1986.

In the year 2000, Perry Mandera was included in a list of Top 100 American Transportation Executive of the Millennium. For the past years, he has been recognized by some charities due to his physical and financial contributions. His philanthropic endeavors mainly focus on educational organizations and youth charities. Despite, some of his contributions has been generously made to cancer prevention facilities, cancer research facilities, and programs that benefit veteran. A couple of other charities known to have benefited from his kindness are: ASL Foundation, Girls Scout of America, Breast cancer Research Foundation, Walter and Connie Payton Foundation, Campus Crusade for Christ and so on


Perry Mandera is among the board members for the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation and White Tumblers as well. Being among the members has made him arrange for the distribution of winter coats that was recently donated. The needy families and the children in Chicago are among the people who benefited from these coats.


In 2013 when there was devastation as a result of the tornado, Perry Mandera donated transportation services to help in the relief of the disaster. These services were given directly to some businesses and people in Washington, Illinois. Not long ago, his company gave away transportation services as an effort to relief disaster in California as a result of the wildfire that had engulfed the region.


Perry Mandera has made its culture for other companies to use charity as a component. After he founded The Custom Companies, he stated very clearly that it was important always to give back to the community. He has and always strives to set an excellent example for his community and staff by ensuring that he does the right thing to others.