Philip Diehl Sharing His Insights In Latest Media Appearance

Philip Diehl moved from the U.S. Mint to the U.S. Money Reserve as their President. Taking with him the experience and accolades he earned while leading the U.S. Mint to all their success’s. In a recent interview with Eric Dye on the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio.

This show is dedicated to interviewing business owners, entrepreneurs and other high ranking executives to share their insights and knowledge. This interview with Philip Diehl was one of the many media appearances in the new year. This interview was recapped on

Philip Diehl has had many successes as the 35th Director of the U.S. Mint. He was involved in the 50 States Quarter program and the first U.S. government issued platinum coin. Philip Diehl recalls that him and his team managed to transform the U.S Mint from a more backward company into a real entrepreneurial powerhouse which can now compare to some of the best business’s America has to offer especially when it comes to customer satisfaction. Philip Diehl had committed to a 6 year run with the U.S. Money Reserve and has since transformed the agency for the better making his main focus customer interaction and service provision.

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New customers of precious metals or those considering to expand their asset portfolio should also do some of their own homework to understand the process a bit better. Knowing how much the customer is willing to spend as well as what type of precious metal to buy are all a must. Read more: US Money Reserve – YouTube

The options are broad and customer have the option of either precious metal bullion, bars or coins. Each of these options can then also be purchased in either silver, platinum or gold. The U.S. Money Reserve has made precious metals it’s business for 15 years now and have the best track record when it comes to precious metal trade. This is an agency that the customer can trust. They also provide each customer with a information brochure if they are interested in taking a look at precious metals and the various options.

The team of professionals at the U.S. Money Reserve are made up of the industries finest who have ample experience when it comes to the correct option for the prospective client. The price of gold is on the rise and is a good option to secure hard earned money.

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