Roberto Santiago, A legendary businessman

Roberto Santiago is one of the leading business men in the state of Brazil, because of his superior business skills. He is a headache for his competitors. Roberto Santiago is not very young, but at this time he is the founder of the Manaira Shopping. He has become a good example for investors, as he invests in what is new and the best for the region. Roberto Santiago’s one of the best achievements in Paraibano is Manaira Shopping Mall. This mega shopping mall is one of its kind shopping centers in Joao Pessoa and is now the hub of entertainment in the city. Roberto Santiago’s name is to be mentioned when it’s about bringing leisure and entertainment in the city. Roberto Santiago also took the initiative of Mangabeira Shopping which was began in the starting of the year 2014.



Roberto Santiago’s Manaira shopping mall is constructed between the north coast of the Joao Pessoa and the beautiful beaches of the city. This Mega Manaira Shopping mall consists of 280 stores. The main idea behind the superb shopping mall was to attract people towards shopping and provide them ease and satisfaction with family. Roberto Santiago always plans according to customer satisfaction.



About Manaira Mall



This mall is big and spacious and covers a space up to 7,200 hectares. The shops are very well updated regarding any category and are eager to provide superb quality products to valuable customers. The visitors can have a quick fast meal while shopping at any point.



If you are looking for cinemas in Manaira Shopping mall, then there are 11 rooms with latest devices and types of equipment with rooms for notable personalities. Bowling Alley in Manaira is one of the best bowling alleys in the world with better slopes and electronic systems. In addition to all that, there are more than 200 electronic game machines in this giant mall.



This all fun became possible because of the vast initiative from a legendary businessman of the country, Roberto Santiago. Not only these malls are a state of the art and have a modern design, but they brought a significant development and success to the region economically as well. Companies are eager to invest in the neighborhood because of massive economic growth factor. Also, the locals are pleased, and they appreciate Robert’s investments and ideas. Manaira and Mangabeira malls brought up huge profits for young entrepreneurs and made them millionaires.



Roberto Santiago has excellent skills in business development, and by using his ideas and capabilities of business administration, he provided an economic boost to his country’s economy.