Sahm Adranji’s Career in Business

Sahm Adrangi has earned an excellent reputation as an investment expert. He offers investment advice and management through a company that he started, but he used to work for other companies.

What Company Did He Start?

He started Kerrisdale Capital. The services that the company offers are familiar to investors all over the world. These are some examples of services that Kerrisdale Capital offers:

  • Hedge Funds
  • Small business stocks
  • Short selling
  • Research of small business stocks

His company was founded with less money than a lot of investment firms. His talent as an investor allowed the company to grow quickly.

Many new businesses offer stocks that can be a great opportunity for investors. However, it’s often difficult to know if it’s a good idea to invest in an up and coming business. The only way to know is to research the company, and Kerrisdale Capital is one of the best companies to choose for this research.

Who Are The Company’s Clients??

Almost any investor can benefit from the services of Kerrisdale Capital. Many of their clients are retired, but their services are also great for people who are still working. Clients have given Kerrisdale Capital positive reviews, and these reviews are published on multiple websites.

Sahm Adrangi’s Published Research:

Sahm Adrangi has published research papers on many investment strategies. He has published papers on short selling, hedge funds, and researching small business stocks.

Sahm Adrangi Believes In The Importance Of Ethical Business Practices:

He acted quickly once he saw unethical business practices in action. The unethical business practices that were used by China Biotics and China Education Alliance violated the law, and he ensured that the SEC was notified. They took the matter seriously and enforced the law.