Securus is helping people experience little moments with their family

Children are a major blessing in any parents life. Parents get to watch their children grow up and give them guidance and advice along the way. Everything a child does is amazing to their parents, from the first steps to their wedding. Parents try to attend everything they can, soccer games, concerts, and plays are all a major part of life with a child. Unfortunately, some parents cannot make it to these little life events because they are behind bars. People make mistakes and they must pay their debt to society, but each missed event is a small wound for both the child and the parent. For most people, there is no way for prisoners to


Securus is a leading provider of prison communications solutions. They work with prisoners every day and they know that most prisoners want to make a deep connection with their family. Prison life is hard, but they don’t want to make life hard for their children. Securus knew that they could do something to make life a little easier for prisoners’ families. Recently, Securus unveiled their video visitation system, and they are confident that this new system will change life for everyone in the prison system.


Video visitation works similarly to a Skype call. Potential visitors submit a time when they would be available for a visit, Securus looks at those times and matches them up with the prisoners’ schedule. Once the call is scheduled it goes through just like a normal video call would. This technology allows families to stay in contact over long distances and makes prison stays just a little bit easier. The system is also allowing prisoners to experience key life events with their child.


 Securus is very proud of their new system and they have been posting videos promoting video visitation on a regular basis. In one recent video, a father gets to experience one of his son’s concerts. When children start a band, attending your kid’s concert is vital, but this father simply could not go. The video starts with the call coming in. When the prisoner first started the call he could see his son and the band. As the band started playing, you could see the father break down in tears of joy. This moment meant so much to him.


 Securus knows that little moments play a huge role in life and prisoners should get a chance to experience them.


Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.