Steve Ritchie is Planning for the Future

Steve Ritchie has a plan in place to help turn Papa John’s around. Despite the recent issues surrounding the company, Ritchie is confident he is the man to take the business forward. He has identified two areas that Papa John’s can improve upon. The first step Steve Ritchie will work on is the culture within the company. He knows the importance of an inclusive operation, and so he working on increasing the amount of minority owned franchises. He is also working with some of the leaders in equality and diversity to make sure everyone in management is aware of the need for a new outlook.

Steve Ritchie also sees the importance of working with the local communities Papa John’s serves. The franchise owners know the areas the best, and so Ritchie is looking to them to help bring a stronger bond with the communities. Steve Ritchie also knows that sales have been down. While he hopes that there will not be a need for franchises to close, he also knows that the company has to be streamlined. Several losing quarters in a row mean that there has to be a change in the way the company is run financially. There needs to be a rebranding of the company in the coming years. One way to do that is to start an advertising blitz. Ritchie wants to appeal to all of the customers, but he is targeting younger people with the ads that start in the next weeks. There may also be a share restructure in the future, but nothing has been decided. Steve Ritchie is also looking at ways to make franchises cheaper to run for owners.

Steve Ritchie got into the pizza business 25 years ago, and he knows that it is a great way for people to come together. Under his leadership he hopes that Papa John’s can start doing that again.