Ted Bauman Says Wait and See

One of the foremost finance experts in the world, Ted Bauman recently discussed his stance regarding the most highly talked about product in recent memory, Bitcoin. While Bitcoin has been hailed as the wave of the future by many, experts and neophytes alike, due to its ability to transfer value safely and without government oversight, there is one aspect that has experts worried – the slow processing speed. While traditional institutions, such as Visa and American Express, are able to manage thousands of transactions each second, Bitcoin is only able to handle a few, meaning that, instead of a transaction being completed in a matter of seconds, it may take minutes or hours. This could really hinder the viability of Bitcoin in the future, as many of out daily card transactions are required to complete instantaneously. While the people behind Bitcoin are seeking solutions for this problem, already implementing Bitcoin Cash, many experts are taking a wait and see approach. Follow Ted Bauman on Twitter for more info.

Ted Bauman is a financial expert that specializes in asset protection and low-risk investment strategies. He joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013, after wrapping up a 25-year career in South Africa, as a fund manager in the nonprofit sector. Born in Washington D.C., Ted Bauman emigrated to South Africa in early adulthood, choosing to enroll at The University of Cape Town, where he garnered postgraduate degrees in economics and history. Throughout his time working as an executive in the nonprofit sector, Ted Bauman worked with a number of reputable institutions, most notably, the United Nations and the World Bank. He also traveled to over 75 countries, learning in the process, that it is wise to invest your money in different countries throughout the world, as a country such as Costa Rica, may offer significantly cheaper health care. In 2008, Ted Bauman returned to the U.S. and secured a position with Habitat for Humanity, where he served in a directorial capacity for the International Housing Program. In 2013, after deciding to pursue a career that focused more exclusively on the writing and research aspects of finance, he joined Banyan Hill Publishing, where he is currently the editor of Alpha Stock Alert, Plan B Club, and The Bauman Letter. He recently co-authored a book with his father, former United States Congressman, Robert Bauman, which is called “Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally).” Today Ted Bauman resides in Atlanta with his wife and daughter.