The Benefits of Visual Search by Slyce

Search engines have come a long way since first hitting the Internet back in the early to mid 90s. Now, search engines are an important part of online life and make it especially easy to connect individuals with what they want to find online. However, search engines have, for the most part, remained connected to entered in keywords. Even image and video searches rely on keywords in order to help track down the desired information. Now, however, with the advent of visual search and the services provided by Slyce, it is possible to track down information simply through an image recognition, without every having to type in text.

There is an old saying that goes “an image is worth a thousand words.” Visual search outlines just how true this is. With the search feature, it is no longer necessary to type in dozens of keywords to make sure the right product appears through the search. Instead, an individual only needs to use a single image. The single image is then analyzed and compared to all of the other images stored in its databanks in order to provide the most accurate search result possible.

Visual search by Slyce is, for the most part, a mobile based search platform. Individuals who have the application are able to snap a quick photograph with their phone, then use it as their search inside of the search engine.

So, what sort of material is someone going to take a picture of with their visual search application and smart phone? Slyce primarily uses the service for shopping purposes. This way, individuals are able to take a picture of a pair of shoes, a top, a purse or anything else they are interested in and instantly compare it to the databanks online. With this service, they are then able to track down the right product at the best store. They can even compare different prices at different stores with offered coupons and discounts to help lower the price and make one store more attractive than others.

Slyce wants to make it easier than ever before to buy quality products without struggling to find the product.

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