The Leadership Accomplishments and Investment Innovation of David Osio

Davos Real Estate Group

Davos Real Estate Group is a member affiliate of Davos financial group that was founded by David Osio. It is among the leading real estate service provider and financial consultancy firm in Latin America. Its scope of services is designed with a mission of providing an investment structure that suits particular needs of each client.


Recently, the group launched its first mobile application known as Davos CAP calculator. The calculator was introduced to help the organization’s customers in making calculations of their projected returns on real estate investments after a given investment period.


Davos CAP calculator could also be used as an interactive platform where real estate agents exchanged ideas with the group’s investors. Moreover, Davos CAP calculator could be used to calculate mortgage rates.


Davos Cap calculator was designed based on ideas brought forward by modern technology. It can be downloaded by phones supported by Android and iPhones. Davos Real Estate group is on the way to launch other mobile applications that help investors to identify properties and communicate with the Group’s agents. The team’s mobile application technology is to provide outstanding financial guidance and investment plans to their clients investing in real estate.


David Osio

The success of Davos Real estate group lies behind the strategic leadership of David Osio, a financial expert who founded Davos Financial Group an organization that provides financial services on property management and investment services. David Osio has a wealth of experience having served as a top executive member in many financial service provider companies such as Commercial Banking for Banco Latino International, whereby he led the company to achieve a higher international position.


Davos Financial Group

The company was established in 1993. The company provided consultancy services on finance and investments to its clients. Under the visionary leadership of David Osio, the company made a significant growth in revenue and expansion of its market in a short time. Besides, Davos Financial group led to the birth of other licensed financial companies in Geneva, New York, Miami, and Panama.


David Osio works to see that the companies affiliated to Davos Group provide standard services that match the needs of customers. Besides, he works to establish a strong client relationship by providing customized services that address the clients needs satisfactorily. His leadership has seen most companies affiliated to Davos group prosper in the finance industry.

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