The Life, Career and Investments of Arthur Becker

As New York City real estate investors, Arthur Becker has generally preferred to stay in the background. On a new luxury real estate project, though, he is now taking a position that is front and center. His new development, located on Washington Street in Tribeca, could be worth about $53 million when it is finished,

The development will have an interior that is being designed by the celebrated designer Paris Forino. According to Arthur Becker, he wants the building to be an artisanal, boutique building with luxury touches throughout its space. He has said two things that he likes about the property he is developing is that it’s a size he’s comfortable with as well as being in a part of Tribeca that he really enjoys.

Once the building is completed, it will contain seven apartments and one penthouse duplex. The apartments will be 2,000 square feet each while the penthouse duplex will be double that size. This building will add to the $550 million that he has already invested in residential real estate projects around the city of New York.

Arthur Becker’s first job was moving older Victorian homes around New England. After graduating from college he moved to Hawaii and managed a macadamia orchard for several years. As another part of his eclectic career, he was one of the Vera Wang fashion dynasty’s senior advisor, reveals He made his fortune in the technology industry, joining NaviSite as the Chief Executive Officer and board member in 2002. He has also served as the Chairman of the Board and CEO of online magazine website Zinio LLC.

According to his Wiki page, currently, Arthur Becker serves as the Managing Member of his real estate investment firm, Atlantic Investors, LLC. He started the company in 2002 as a way to start investing in luxury projects around New York.

Arthur Becker is also an artist who creates art in his own studio. His work has been displayed at a number of different exhibits in both New York and Florida. The bachelor’s degree he earned at Bennington College was in art and it has been one of his major interests throughout his life.