The Myths Surrounding the Koch Brothers

Awareness of the Koch brothers is growing and will soon be a household phrase, “The Koch Brothers.” Charles and David. Until lately, the political interests of the brothers were not publicized, and their involvement was rather secret before their political enthusiasm in 2010 surfaced. As children, the Koch brothers were raised to appreciate everything they received. Nothing was ever handed to them that they hadn’t earned. Charles Koch said, “My father wanted me to work as if I was the poorest person in the world.” The boys were well-educated with extensive training in economics and matters of finance, which accounts for their successful lives and financial power today.

Since 2010, the Koch brothers have been ridiculed by the Democrats for their political spending support. Mythical Facts continue to appear but are only mythical facts taken out of context, but are still myths. Rather than print hearsay, mythical rumblings, we need to look at the actual misconceptions tap dancing around about the Koch brothers.

Myth No. 1 – “The Koch network is a recent reaction to the Obama presidency.”
The Koch brothers began to react to situations when Obama took office, but that is a myth. Charles Koch is not a newcomer to the political arena. The brothers have worked to change politics in America since the 70’s and have provided funding for free-market, and libertarian think tanks. It was in the 1980’s the brothers became active in the Libertarian Party.

Myth No. 2 – “The Koch network is a personal pet project of the brothers themselves.”
The Koch brothers invest in political causes, and the entire family involvement is constantly batted around. Charles and David are inordinately rich, and the Forbes list of the 400 richest Americans last year placed them in the fifth position. Their contributions are probably equal to, or less than many other wealthy contributors.

Myth No. 3 –“The Koch network is little more than a corporate front.”
The left apparently feels they need to view the Koch network as a political front. The left feels this is a front for policies backed by Charles Koch, but what is not reported is philanthropic endeavors of the Koch brothers donating to nonprofit organizations for research in many fields.

Myth No. 4 – “The Koch network scatters big money to hundreds of conservative groups.”
Yes, the Koch brothers scatter big money to many groups. The IRS documentation acknowledges they donate money to such groups as Freedom Partners giving grants to dozens of groups. One, $3 million donation made in 2012 was to the US Chamber of Commerce. The Koch network is an ever-changing set of core organizations created by the brothers and managed by close associates.

Myth No. 5 – “The Koch network is virtually a third US political party.”
Although the Koch brothers may disagree from time to time with the Republicans, they hope that their management capabilities and financial support will draw GOP candidates and officeholders toward the Koch network.


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