The New Building on the Beach

It’s the Copa Star, D’Or’s entry into the Copacabana beach resorts, but it’s not a hotel, though it could pass as one.

It’s a hospital. The Copa Star is a five star hospital. It’s five stars for the patients and five stars for the guests. Upon entering the building the guests are greeted by a lobby that is reminiscent of a five star hotel. There are overstuffed sofas, artwork from famous artists, and decor from all over the world.

There are 155 suites for the patients, and 59 intensive care unit rooms. The patients all have the ability to have guests stay for extended times.

The patients’ quarters are not called rooms. They’re suites, and they all have the capacity for overnight guests. Each patient has a tablet that controls the lights, the drapes, and the temperature in the suite of rooms. With the tablet, they can hold a video chat with the staff, the nurse, or the doctor. The doctor can even show the patient the results of test on the tablet from another part of the hospital.

The intensive care units have a video system controlled by the patients, wherein they can watch the goings-on on the beach, or watch the street below, or even who is coming down the corridors in different areas of the hospital. This was done, D’Or explained, because ICU patients are generally alone in an isolated room, and it does them good to be able to see what is going on around them.

D’Or is looking to build more hospital in Brazil like the Copa Star, especially in Brasilia and Sao Paulo.

The Copa Star on Copacabana beach is constructed of a concrete substance that saves energy bills. Construction of the building in limited space provided a challenge for the builder, and other challenges needed to be overcome as well. In overcoming these things, D’Or was able to accomplish several things in addition to construction of an outstanding hospital.

The hospital is planing to specialize in the fields of cardiology and neurology. They have the necessary operating state of the art operating rooms, and other robotic equipment that is designed with ease of use in mind.