The outstanding accomplishments of Lori Senecal

Just recently, CP&B announced Lori Senecal as the company’s new Global CEO. The responsibility of Lori at this position is to oversee the international growth of the company on AdWeek. Lori Senecal will control the development and coordination of the eight global offices of CP & B. She is known as a business leader who is talented and an expert in management. For a long time, Lori has been advocating for the incorporation of creativity, discovery, and technology. The employment of Lori Senecal at CP & B as the new global CEO is expected to give the company a significant international momentum. Just recently, the agency became the Infiniti International Account winner. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Lori Senecal will work together with Chuck Porter when it comes to the administration of CP & B. She is expected to lead the agency in achieving a lot of international growth and success. Lori will form planned affiliations, start growing divisions on the as well as boost the global development of CP & B. In the past, Lori Senecal has worked as an administrator at leading global accounts like Coca-cola, Nestle, and BMW. Before joining CP & B, Lori Senecal worked at the MDC Partners as the chief executive Officer. Lori will still work with the MDC Partners alongside her new position at CP & B. Check out interview to see more.


Lori Senecal has also in the past worked with KBS where she left an impressive legacy. While serving at this agency, Lori Senecal assisted in transforming the company from a domestic enterprise of 250 employees to an international firm with over 900 employees. Lori was responsible for content creation, technology as well as start-up investments. Lori Senecal previously worked with New York flagship office of McCann-Erickson in the capacity of president. Her work at this company was to oversee account administration, strategic planning and also creativity. Lori Senecal has been named by the Advertising Age as the Woman to Watch. Due to her outstanding career achievements, Lori has received numerous awards. The AWNY Game Changer honored her with the Quantum Leap Award due to her leadership and creativity. Follow their Twitter page.

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