The Rise of George Soros and Power of Philanthropy

The work that billionaire George Soros has been doing over the vast majority of his life has been something that will make him a man of history. Soros, a billionaire investor and noted philanthropist, has firmly entrenched himself as one of the most proactive and progressive people on the planet. While Soros is most well known for his work with the Soros Hedge Fund, it is his operations at the Open Society Foundation that will firmly plant his legacy in the history books. Soros was born and Hungary but he came to the United States in the ’50s in order to chase the American dream. In the years between those two events he saw some incredible and harrowing things that formulated his stance on life.

George Soros was born in Hungary in 1930. When he was just 14 years old the Nazi Occupation of 1944 began in earnest. For the next year the Nazis would control Soros home, killing 500,000 Hungarian born Jews along the way. Soros saw firsthand the horrors of war being waged by a group of rabid nationalists who put their identity and faith in a ruler over the very foundations of humanity. Soros and his family would thankfully manage to escape by acquiring fake travel papers and thus they would emigrate to London. Before leaving George Soros and his family would help countless others follow in their footsteps to flee the country.

This experience, during Soros’ formative years as a young adult, would teach him several important lessons. Most of all, it would open his mind to the idea of an Open Society — where people were people and concepts like brutal nationalism would never be able to take hold. Soros would dig deep into the philosophy of Karl Popper and he’d become immersed in the book, “Open Society and Its Enemies”. Popper’s ultimate argument was that society would only flourish when granted the freedom of individual rights, free speech, and a fair and equitable democracy. These core concepts would lead to George Soros scribing his own work which detailed the dangers of modern capitalism and how crony capitalism was subverting the very nature of the world.

While George Soros’ work as an investor would rightfully take center stage after he moved to America in the ’50s, it is his work as a philanthropist that has him becoming world renowned. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations in 1979 with the mission statement of giving back to communities in need around the world. In the years since the OSF was established they have given out over $12 billion to regions of the world that needed help more than ever. Now, George Soros is using his philanthropy to continue to help mould the world into a better place.

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