The Secret to WEN’s Superior Cleansing Properties

One young woman decided to write an article about using WEN’s fig version of their cleansing conditioner. She had never used any of the WEN products before and was anxious to see if it would actually improve the condition of her hair. The article the young woman wrote was posted online to Bustle so others could gain from her experience. It covers the first week she used the fig version of WEN by Chaz. In addition to providing details on how the cleansing conditioner added more body and shine to her normally dull hair, she also included many color photos of how her hair looked each day.

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A Natural Cleansing System

The Sephora endorsed fig version of WEN was created to add moisture back into dull, lifeless hair. This particular formula uses a combination of marigold and chamomile extracts to gently clean and soothe the scalp. As with all of the cleansing conditioners in the WEN line, the fig version also conditions as it cleans. The WEN by Chaz line of cleansing conditioners also make hair more manageable by acting as a natural detangler. Each version uses a specific blend of natural extracts to help resolve the various issues people have with their hair. The fig version is formulated to help correct dry, frizzy, damaged or unruly hair. Wen can also be purchased online on Amazon.

The secret to Wen‘s superior cleansing system is in the combination of natural plant extracts used to create every version. Not only do these ingredients allow the product to thoroughly clean the scalp and hair, but they allow the scalp to retain its own natural oils. The unique combination of botanical extracts found in each version also help to restore damaged hair. WEN by Chaz has been shown to help repair hair that has been damaged by heat from blow dryers and curling rods as well as over processed hair from coloring. Learn more about Wen, visit