Todd Lubar on Organization and Succeeding as an Entrepreneur

Todd Lubar is an organized businessman. One of his tips for getting the most out of any day is exercising in the morning, which he says energizes him for the rest of the day. On Inspirery, he advises entrepreneurs to keep their eyes on the bigger picture and commit to seeing the idea come to life. Despite the many challenges entrepreneurs face, he is of the school of thought that without the will to implement your ideas, you will not meet your objectives.


Entrepreneurial Advice


To remain productive, Todd Lubar highlights that you have to be hyper organized and keep tabs with all the areas of your business. He also advises everyone to read “The Magic of Thinking Big,” which challenges people to think bigger and set higher expectations while getting the best out of family life, the community, and work. The book is written by David J. Schwartz, and helps you become better-rounded as a person. However, the people you surround yourself with will determine just how far you will go in achieving your goals in life. Additionally, he encourages entrepreneurs to foster a culture of trust and open communication in the business since this is crucial in the survival of any business. Todd adds that even if you fail, get up, dust yourself up and get back to the grind using a different strategy. The key is to never give up.


Work History


Given that Todd Lubar works in the real estate sector, he is currently excited about the incorporation of technology into real estate development. He is the owner and president of TDL Global Ventures, which he founded to help people eliminate barriers to receiving much-needed loans. He has been working in the real estate sector for more than two decades, and was for years ranked as one of the top mortgage originators in the country. Prior to joining the real estate industry, he worked in the finance and credit space for 20 years. He also has work experience in the entertainment, construction, and mortgage banking industries. Some of the companies he has worked with include Crestar Mortgage Corporation, legacy Financial Group, Legendary Properties, Charter Funding, and Legendary Financial LLC, among others. He currently lives in Bethesda Maryland and has two children. View Todd’s full profile on