Whistle Blowers Make a Fortune and Gain Protection

Now that the federal government has so many fingers, arms and legs in every aspect of our lives, being a whistle blower in any area can become very lucrative. No need to worry about retaliation from an employer being ratted out by the whistleblower anymore as they are fully protected by legal advocacy forces. Even if the employer would black list the whistleblower now, they garner a large amount of award money, which of course the legal advocates will also take on at about 50%, maybe a 50/50 split of proceeds. This can be a big payday for the two forces when the whistleblower on big Wall Street firms gets awarded some $17.0 million per case. http://www.secwhistlebloweradvocate.com/program/program-overview

It has now been called, “Blowing the gold whistle,” when a whistleblower was recently awarded the $17 million in the largest award from a case in whistleblower history. A person who gives up information that is exposing some kind of perceived or actual violation of SEC regulations now can become self made by winning a case against any given Wall Street firm, based on the intricacies of the Dodd-Frank legislation, just to name one example.

This is a legal boondoggle as well as one for people who work and live anywhere. The federal government has usurped individual liberties in so many ways that it is now a post constitutional era where small businesses to big corporations are under siege and can be shaken down for any type of infringement that can be written into regulatory edicts that are written by unelected officials. When an employee becomes discontent or bent in the wrong direction they can now lodge a whistleblower case and be assisted by the advocates who were armed with a regulatory protocol. Jordan A. Thomas, the former Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel in the Division of Enforcement for the SEC, took on some of the highest profile cases such as Enron, Fannie Mae and Citigroup. He advocated legal cases for whistleblowers who discovered audit failures, insider trading, market manipulations and a variety of other shady business dealings that were used to defraud investors.

Of course much of this is work that is laudable and will go a long way to keep scoundrels under control, however, what is to prevent the scoundrels on the side of the over reaching federal government from abusing its power against businesses owned by individuals? Individuals trying to earn a livelihood in their business and may not have violated any thing but can be singled out to be destroyed because their business might be in the way of a ruling class agenda.

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