Wondering How “Wen by Chaz” Works on Fine Hair? Check This Out!

We get it, you’re always on the lookout for the greatest hair product. So was Emily McClure, who tried Wen hair by Chaz Dean’s Cleansing Conditioner for a week and shared her results on Bustle.

First, what is Wen by Chaz Dean? Created by a famous Hollwood-based stylist, the product is a sulfate-free cleansing conditioner, designed to leave your hair shiny and hydrated. Visit the website: http://www.wenhaircare.com/.

So, Emily tried out the Fig formulation. When she first tried the product on frizzy, greasy hair, she discovered that users need to use several pumps each time. Using the bare minimum of 10 pumps, Emily distributed the product evenly through her hair while showering. While she noticed less hair fall and shinier, bouncier locks after blow-drying, Emily quickly learned that the product made her roots oilier than usual.

When Emily woke up in the morning, her roots were already greasy. This was a surprise, as it usually takes 1-2 days for her hair to become that oily. Over the rest of the week, Emily’s results were about the same. While the Wen Cleansing Conditioner added significant shine to her hair and made it look wonderful when heat-styled, Emily found that her hair quickly became greasy and flat, even if she showered just the night before. Opting to shower in the mornings instead did help the issue of going out during the day with greasy roots, but Emily’s hair would still become oily in less than 24 hours.

Overall, while Emily doesn’t think the total beauty product is ideal for daily use on her fine hair, she still plans to reach for it whenever she wants a little more shine. As it turns out, cleansing conditioner works best when used once a week, so it definitely seems worth checking out. Visit Sephora.com for more info on Wen hair products.