Zeco Auriemo Has Accumulated The Reputation As Brazil’s Fashion Pioneer:

It was at only twenty-seven years of age that Jose Auriemo, well-known as Zeco Auriemo took over his family’s highly successful company that is known as JHSF. JHSF is a company that has become a household name in the country of Brazil due to the diverse areas that it works in. These include real estate development and the shopping mall business as well as the hotel industry. First founded during the year of 1972 by the Auriemo family, JHSF has become one of the driving companies in Brazil in terms of the growth of the fashion industry and Zeco Auriemo has been the motivating influence behind the successful firm.

A big part of the success formula that Zeco Auriemo has employed at JHSF has involved his development of Brazil’s famous Cidade Jardim. This top-flight shopping complex was launched under the guidance of Zeco Auriemo back in 2006. Cidade Jardim is also highly unique due to the fact that beyond the amazing shopping available there, it also has a residential area that features condominiums. The shopping mall may be most famous of all due to its standing as a center for fashion in Brazil. Zeco Auriemo has brought in some of the most prestigious names in fashion to Cidade Jardim through the years.

One of the biggest fashion industry honors that Zeco Auriemo has ever received was being named to the BoF 500. This index is one of the most sought-after lists to achieve a standing on for entrepreneurs involved in fashion. The eminent fashion publication The Business of Fashion is the annual compiler of the BoF 500 and its highly respected editors handle the nomination process. The dedication that Zeco Auriemo has shown to making Cidade Auriemo a fashion destination is the driving force behind his being named to the prestigious index of fashion icons.